How to Set Up the Fastest WordPress Blog Without Expensive Web Hosting (Detailed Tutorial)

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Starting your own blog for affiliate marketing is a very important step at the beginning of your online business efforts but some of us just can’t afford to spent money upfront.

You don’t have to pay for expensive web hosting like KinstaWP Engine, or Flywheel to get the top performance for your WordPress blog.

Don’t take me wrong. These are all great web-hosting providers, but if you’re fine without comments below your posts, I will teach you how to create the fastest WordPress blog money can buy without spending any money.

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Performance is everything

I run multiple WordPress websites and they all perform extremely well in all major performance tests.

When people see these results, they ask me what kind of web hosting I’m using and how expensive it is to get such a great performance.

I always reply that I don’t pay anything at all because I found a way to have the fastest and most secure WordPress blog absolutely for free.

Free tutorial

Recently, I published a detailed tutorial where I explain everything step by step so you can have your own WordPress blog that performs this well without paying for expensive web hosting services.

I could post it on YouTube, but I want you to take advantage of Skillshare‘s current offer.

If you enroll in this class, you’ll get 1 month of Skillshare for free.

This means that you will get free unlimited access to thousands of classes taught by creators from around the world.

There are no commitments and you can cancel anytime if you’re not happy with Skillshare.

In 13 lessons, I will explain:

  • how to install and set up local WordPress on your computer
  • what plugins you should use and why
  • why Blocksy is the best WordPress theme currently available
  • how to export WordPress website
  • how to use GitHub and Netlify services
  • how to connect your own domain
  • what is the best publishing workflow
  • how to set up sitemap and upload it to Google Search Console
  • how to create a contact form

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